Lucy Guzman - Elevation Sickness

When I went to see Leah I was suffering from an intense cough for about two weeks. I went to my general physician who told me it could be exercise induced asthma or allergy induced asthma. She was very unclear about what was causing my cough and uncertain on how to treat it, so she prescribed an inhaler. It did absolutely nothing. I had heard from friends how great Leah’s cold laser therapy worked so I took a chance. I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what to expect but  after one session my cough was all but gone. That day I was still coughing but it felt as if my lungs were clearing. I was coughing out whatever was in there, where as before I was just coughing involuntarily and with no relief.


Aside from my cough, Leah worked on my allergies. This last winter I went to an ENT to discuss my chronic congestion. He recommended surgery, which I neither wanted or could afford. I talked to Leah about it and we worked on my sinuses. With her help I was able to sleep through the night by breathing through my nose. Something I had not done in years.


On a more cosmetic level, I have a tattoo that was beginning to keloid, which is basically a raised scar. The person that worked on me was inexperienced and pushed the needle in too deep causing my skin to scar. After one session with Leah the scar was significantly flatter. We both did not know if it would work but the results were unbelievable.


Leah is a true healer! I have done a number of sessions, and after each one I leave feeling this overall happiness and natural high. I have recommended her to my entire family. All of whom are planning trips to come see her.

Annie Guzman - Post Toe Surgery Treatment

I came to hear about Cold Laser Therapy though my sister Lucy who had been seeing Leah on her own. I suffered an accident on June 28, 2014 when I slipped down a flight of stairs and injured my right big toe.


Studies have shown that cold laser therapy is an effective, non-invasive treatment for many ailments.




Cold Lasers may work for acute or chronic injuries, pain or inflammation. Conditions that have shown successful outcomes include


Have questions about cold laser therapy. Is it safe? Is it painful?





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